GF Alumni Assoc.

The Grand Forks Alumni Association has a list of all Graduates of Grand Forks Public Schools. You can go to their website and search for any alumni. Alumni need to update their record as they move.

The Asscociation is very helpful in planning reunions. They also produce the "RED CENT" which is the alumni newspaper.

Here are 2 links to them, one for writing for the RED CENT, and the other for nominating fomer teachers, counselors, and administrators for the Hall of Fame.




Interested in being a guest writer for the Red Cent.    

     Guest writers have become a "favorite" feature of the Red CentThe Alumni Network continues to look for additional alumni who are interested in sharing their stories, memories or observations, past or present, with other Red Cent readers.               

     If you are interested in being featured as a guest writer for the Red Cent please email the Alumni Network for additional information. 


You can nominate a former colleague who made a difference in the lives of their students. Nominees can be classroom teachers, counselors, librarians, or administrators.

There is no application deadline. Your nomination will be considered for upcoming Teachers Hall of Fame Inductions and will be kept on file for future inductions.

To be eligible, nominees must have been retired from teaching in Grand Forks for at least one year, and may be nominated posthumously.

Teachers Hall of Fame Nomination Form


Educator’s Name:

Subject(s) taught:

School(s): Grade level(s):

How this educator affected your life:



Your Name:

High School: Grad Yr.

Street: City:

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Tribute contribution in honor of your Nominee (Optional)

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(Your nomination will not be affected by your donation.)

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The Grand Forks Foundation for Education, Inc. is a 501(c)3

Non-Profit school foundation.

Contributions to the Teachers Hall of Fame are tax deductible.

Return form to: Grand Forks Foundation for Education, Inc.

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Who was the inspirational educator who

Opened doors to new interests and ideas for students?

Showed students special kindness or attention when they really needed it?

Taught skills or disciplines needed to succeed?

Made a difference in his/her students’ lives?

                   Inspired you as an educator?